Photo Booth Features

Do you want an event to remember? Whether it is a wedding, graduation, school prom/ball, birthday, corporate or any other event, the photo booth is the must have party extra. Our stylish portable photo booths are a unique way to add something different to your event, it’s guaranteed to be a winner and keeps everyone talking about it long after the event. We aim to make everyone who visits one of our photo booths have an unforgettable experience; with our packages your guests will be amused for hours.

  • Some of the features below are available to purchase as extras at the booking stage.


Take Your Picture

Take a photo

Standard Photo 6×4″. Strip printing and filters are available with this option. Take a loving family photo or grab some props from our selection and have a laugh with your mates.



Green Screen

Green Screen Technology

Have you ever wanted to go to Hollywood? Maybe you’d love to be back on the beach at your favourite holiday destination? Wherever you’d rather be we can make it happen and you wont even have to leave the party. Our booths offer Green Screen Technology which allows you to have anything you like in the background, from your favourite city anywhere in the world to outer space, or just about anywhere you can think of.



Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

Our booths offer facial recognition software, which means although we love all the fun props that we bring to our events we can do a lot of impressive things without them.




Record a Video

Record a Video

Record a personal message to your hosts for them to watch later. Leave them a birthday wish or congratulate them on their wedding day.




Record a Video:Slow Motion

Record a Video & Slow Motion

Record a fun video with all your friends and family and have a laugh as it plays back in slow motion.






Do you love getting up on stage and singing all your favourite songs? Well our booths allow you to do just that. Step inside and choose your favourite song and the booth will do the rest, at the end of the night the booth will have recorded all of the videos and creates a mashup of all the best bit for you to enjoy (We recommend setting the photo booth up in a quieter room for best results).



Flip Book

Flip Books

Record a video in one of our booths, we will print the stills and staple them together. Flip through the pages to see your moving image.




Magic-Photos-Logo-150x150Magic Photos

Magic Photos are the latest feature, it allows you to record a video and prints a still photo. You can then play the video back by scanning the photo with the app on your mobile phone.




Insta-Net-icon-150x150 Insta-Net

Ask your friends and family to use a unique Hashtag when uploading photos from your special day the booth will then search for any photos with the same hashtag and add them to your folder to print or view along with all the photos from the booth.




Survey Kiosk

Survey Kiosk

This is great for corporate events allowing you to collect data and opinions. You can use the software to create questionnaires, collecting contact details and information from those interested in your company and your products. The data can then be downloaded to Microsoft Excel for easy analysis.


External Screen

Do you want a live video feed of what’s going on in the booth? Maybe you want the pictures we have taken on display for every one to see? Well our external screen can provide you with either of those to accompany your booth so no one is left out even if they’re waiting outside the booth.